Building Blocks

The main focus of the ministry is to create software building blocks used by web developers to strengthen their church and ministry websites. These building blocks are active and dynamic, thus the term "living stones" is appropriate.

These building blocks are free for download and integration into church and christian ministry websites.

Those wishing to use these building blocks can register and agree to abide by the Living Stones Software License Agreement. These building blocks generally require a relatively recent version of PHP (e.g. 4.1+) and MySQL, although you should feel free to modify the software to work in other environments.

Building blocks are being made available in packages that combine multiple related building blocks together. For example, one package might include building blocks for managing people, users, and groups of people. Another package might include building blocks for managing mailing lists, newsletter templates, tools for authoring and sending newsletters, etc.

Building blocks, and therefore packages, typically require other building blocks to already be in place in order to work. For example, mailing list management will rely on the building blocks for managing people and groups of people.

When downloading a package of building blocks, you will also receive all of the information required to make the software work (e.g. the new database tables and new entries in existing tables required by the new building blocks) and administration tools, including scripts to install and configure everything.

The diagram below gives a sense of how all these pieces fit together within packages: