Website Tools

As we work on a variety of websites, we are developing Living Stones building blocks that make it easy to add dynamic content to websites in a way that is straight-forward for non-technical administrators to update and manage the content. As we polish these "stones," we'll share them with you here.

User Management

A security framework is foundational to all of our dynamic content building blocks. It is critical that only authorized adminstrators be able to update the content on your site, but who is allowed to do what is likely to vary across different sections of your site, so this is not a simple on/off switch. To enable that level of security control without requiring a PhD in computer science, the User Management package provides a straightforward framework for managing user access to various Living Stones building blocks. Included in this package are the overall Living Stones administration interface, the User management component, the People management component, a login page, and a user registration page. This package, like most Living Stones software, uses PHP and MySQL. This package simplifies and replaces the prior Starter Kit.

You can download the User Management package here.