Bible Software

All Christian churches and ministries are under the authority of God as revealed in His Holy Word, the Bible. All Christians, similarly, are commanded to obey God's revealed will for their lives as communicated in the Bible.

So, it is natural for Christian churches and ministries to desire to include the Bible in their websites as part of their ministry to those they serve and to acknowledge its authority over their work.

Unfortunately, it has traditionally been challenging for churches and ministries to accomplish this:

  • Available Bible software for websites has traditionally been complicated to install and configure.
  • Most versions of the Bible, especially modern translations, are intellectual property protected by the copyright owners, and therefore not available for wholesale copying to a church website.
  • A copy of any translation of the Bible is a very large amount of data. Since most church and ministry websites have limited resources and therefore are using web hosting accounts with limited storage, it is impractical to store an entire copy of the Bible on a church or ministry website.

We have sought to help churches and ministries overcome these challenges by:

  • Providing very simple to implement programs to provide access to the Bible on a church or ministry website.
  • Providing a web service interface to several public domain translations of the Bible, so that churches and ministries don't need to store a copy of the Bible on their website, but instead have access to all of the complete copies stored on our hosting platform.

We have currently focused on providing two programs to accomplish this goal.

The first is specific to the English Standard Version (ESV). The ESV is described as "a new, essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning." The ESV is NOT in the public domain, however, Crossway Bibles, Good News Publishers, and the Standard Bible Society have made the ESV accessible to churches and ministries using a web service that is governed by these conditions of use (click to read). We have provided a simple to implement program to make it easy to add the ESV Bible to your website.

Click here to see how the program works. You can easily add your own formatting to make this fit seamlessly into your site.

Click here to download the program for use on your website.

The second program uses the Living Stones web service to provide easy access to six different public domain translations including the King James Version, the American King James Version, the World English Bible, the Hebrew Names Version, the American Standard Version, and Young's Literal Translation.

You can see how the program works by clicking here. As with the ESV program, you can easily add formatting to make this fit seamlessly into your site.

Click here to download the program for use on your website.